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Blue Claw Crab With M-16 Machine Gun – This Spot Is Taken! Crabbing T-Shirt

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Blue Claw Crab With M-16 Machine Gun - This Spot Is Taken! Crabbing T-ShirtAfter decades of fishing and crabbing, I experienced the most horrible violation of respect and a complete lack of wildlife common sense! A caravan of Mexicans parked next to our vehicles and proceeded to take up shop and crab at the very spot that me and friends were already using. Since it is a public Wildlife area, it’s common etiquette never to crab where someone else has their traps set up and until that moment, I’ve never seen anyone else do it. They were walking between our traps and within ten minutes, there were close to 30 of them! Not only were they infringing on our location, but they were catching and keeping crabs well below the legal regulations!

We left, but decided to make up shirts to give any future Mexicans a hint to keep on moving and not to even attempt to flood across the respect borders to over-populate our crab spot. The front of these gray t-shirts show a blue claw crab holding an m-16 machine gun with the words CRAB MENOS – which translates to Crabless. The back states THIS SPOT IS TAKEN! and in Spanish, which translates to FIND YOUR OWN PLACE!

Available in: Large & X Large

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Sed Och Tradition (No Back Tray Artwork)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Sed Och Tradition (No Back Tray Artwork)This includes the factory pressed compact disc, factory printed booklets, but does not include the back tray artwork.

1. Vi Ses I Valhall 3:14
2. Håll Ryggen Fri 1:40

3. 1000 År 2:22
4. Dö I Sot 3:15
5. Aldrig Sviker Modet 2:51

6. Ensamvarg 3:43
7. Götland 2:48
8. 12 Gyllene Riddare 5:44
9. Laglös 2:43
10. Eniga Vi Stå 4:51
11. En Vikings Liv 4:10
12. Vemodsvisa 3:35
13. Familj Och Fosterland 2:46
14. Måste Göra Uppror 4:03
15. Sed Och Tradition 3:15

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