Jews are the Agents of Satin – Hungarian Ambassador

July 29th, 2014
Jews are the Agents of Satin - Hungarian Ambassador

Péter Szentmihályi Szabó,
a former poet and right-wing political commentator,
is going to be the next ambassador to Rome.


I don't know, I don't understand why they hate us so much. They live here in Hungary, they speak and write in Hungarian, but they loathe us. I really don't understand why they stay if it is that bad here, in this welcoming country that is so foolishly patient. It is not difficult to recognize them because they are cowardly and impertinent at the same time. Money is their God, their mother tongue in which they have trusted from time immemorial. Dark circles under their eyes, flabby skin, clammy palms, cold feet, freakish smiles give them away.

They can be found everywhere on the earth. They are the agents of Satan. They arouse fear and they live off of fear. They create turmoil and discord. They are constantly packing, yet they don't leave. Are they foreign spirits whose mission is to destroy the local communities? International criminals who, following Marx and Lenin, decided to enslave mankind? Eternally homeless folk condemned to be constant wanderers?
Hungary’s new ambassador to Italy thinks Jews are ‘agents of Satan’ who ‘enslave mankind’ - Vox

Fertility Clinic Are Against Race Mixing.

July 29th, 2014
Mad White Woman Shocked to Discover Fertility Clinic Will Not Help Create Mongrels | Daily Stormer

A Calgary woman says she was shocked to learn of a policy at the city’s only fertility treatment centre that restricts patients from using sperm, eggs or embryos from donors who do not match their ethnic background.

Teen Severely Burned After FACEBOOK ‘Fire Challenge’

July 29th, 2014

Teen Severely Burned After FACEBOOK 'Fire Challenge'...

Lexington, Ky. (CBS CLEVELAND) – A 15-year-old in Kentucky suffered second-degree burns after rubbing alcohol on his chest and lighting himself on fire in imitation of popular Facebook and YouTube “Fire Challenge” videos.

Lexington police said that officers were called to the 3600 block of Appian Way to assist a teenager who had burned himself after watching the “Fire Challenge” videos online, WYKT-TV reports. The teen, whose name was not given, mimicked the online videos by pouring rubbing alcohol on his body and then setting himself on fire.

“Unbearable, yea, basically,” said the teen who suffered second-degree burns. “Literally after it got put out it was already blistering, it’s just hard.”

Videos of the “Fire Challenge” also show teens spraying themselves with aerosol cans before lighting portions of their body on fire in order to singe off their own hair. But the videos never show the physical aftermath of lighting one’s self on fire.


Don't do this at home, kids. Don't do cinnamon either. :eek:

Texas: in case of emergency illegals to be evacuated first

July 29th, 2014

Should a hurricane or other life-threatening, catastrophic weather event impact South Texas, illegal aliens occupying various shelters will be first in line to get “to safer ground,” a National Weather Service coordinator says.

At a meeting last week, emergency managers in the Rio Grande Valley region addressed the reality that, in addition to picking up the tab for putting the immigrants up, they have also accepted responsibility for their safety. That means ensuring illegal aliens have a safe evacuation from temporary and permanent shelters during an emergency.
» In Event of Emergency, Illegals to be Evacuated Before Citizens Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

New Orleans: White man almost left with brain damage after attack by 5 thugs

July 29th, 2014

Maher: ObamaCare ‘So Much More of aSignificant Achievement than Landing on theMoon’

July 29th, 2014
By Brent Baker
the Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and Vice
President for Research and Publications
Citing the 45th anniversary last week of the
Apollo 11 landing on the moon, Bill Maher on
Friday night sneered: “I always hear that the
moon landing was the last great thing that
America did. I think the last great thing America
did was giving health care to 30 million people.”
That prompted a roar of applause from the Los
Angeles audience for Maher’s July 25 Real Time
show on HBO, and after it died down a bit, Maher
insisted: “I find that to be so much more of a
significant achievement than landing on the
An astonished Neil deGrasse Tyson wondered:
“Really?” Maher affirmed: “I really do” and
challenged Tyson to answer “which do you think
is the greater achievement?”
Audio: MP3 clip
Tyson, an astrophysicist who is popular with
liberals and who recently narrated the Cosmos
series on Fox, launched into a retort against
Maher’s misunderstanding of the importance of
scientific inquiry:
I’d like to comment that people who go to
the moon come from a community of people
who want to explore where we’ve never been
before. Not only places, but ideas, and that
frontier, especially when it’s in the sciences,
arrives at discoveries, some of which have
transformed medicine. In fact, you go into a
hospital, every machine with an on-off
switch, brought into the service of
diagnosing the condition of the human body,
is based on a principle of physics discovered
by a physicist who had no interest in
medicine. Because they had the freedom to
explore the frontier. So to pit one against the
other, as if you could even have health care
in the absence of these machines!
A nice push back against Maher, who is
constantly condescendingly ridiculing
conservatives for not valuing science.
And, of course, the relationship between
ObamaCare and a net gain of 30 million insured
people is highly dubious.
— Brent Baker is the Steven P.J. Wood Senior
Fellow and Vice President for Research and
Publications at the Media Research Center.

Maher: ObamaCare ?So Much More of a Significant Achievement than Landing on the Moon? | Media Research Center

Chinese parents make child defecate on plane seat

July 29th, 2014
Passengers rage as child 'defecates in plane seat': report


The etiquette of mainland Chinese travellers overseas has again come under fire after a family allegedly allowed their child to defecate on the seat of a Delta Airlines flight from Beijing to Detroit.
Flight attendants and fellow passengers tried to have the child moved to the aircraft toilet, but both parents and grandparents who were accompanying the child were insistent, leaving the flight attendant no choice but to drop the subject, it was reported.
The child’s parents spread newspaper on the airline seat and encouraged the child to relieve himself there, according to the Daily Mail.
The resulting odour quickly filled the cabin, sending disgusted passengers into a fury.


It’s not the first time an incident like this has occurred; earlier this year a child was photographed passing motion on a domestic flight in China, and another was allowed to defecate in a train carriage in Hong Kong.
One woman allowed her son to answer nature’s call at a restaurant table in Hong Kong, in a bottle she usually carried around for such purposes.

Read more: Passengers rage as child 'defecates in plane seat': report

Somali Muslim Who Raped Dead Swedish Woman Won’t Be Deported

July 29th, 2014


The Somali Muslim settler was caught raping a dead woman. In his defense, he claimed that it was consensual. And it wasn’t his first rape. But the Swedish prosecutor’s reason for not deporting him sums up everything that is wrong with the West.


District Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson has chosen not to produce any extradition request.

When the Free Times asked Jonsson if he, in the light of the possibility that the 34-year-old will be committing more rapes in Sweden, still feels he has no responsibility to try to get the man deported, he replied no.

“I do not understand why a Somali woman in that case would be less valuable than a Swedish woman in this context. He might commit crimes down there if he were to be deported, “said Jonsson.
In some objective moral calculus, a Somali woman may have the same value as a Swedish woman. But that’s not the point.

As a prosecutor, Jonsson is supposed to protect Swedish society, not Somali society. This rapist is a problem produced by Somali Muslim society. It’s best equipped to deal with him.

The fact that Jonsson does not feel that he has a special priority to protect his civil society is the problem. It’s the problem that makes this kind of migration terror possible.


The accused man is a citizen of Somalia and came to Sweden in 2007. He has already amassed a lengthy criminal records while in his new homeland.

The first time the man was prosecuted for offences was in February 2008 when he was sentenced to probation and fined for drug offences. Then he continued to commit crimes more or less continuously. His records shows that he has been prosecuted for more than 40 crimes, including sexual assault, theft, unlawful threats and a very large number of petty theft and drug offenses.

According to an indictment that District Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson filed in the Stockholm District Court last week, the man raped a sleeping, drunk woman anally on August 13 this year. Then the man, already the following month, had committed another rape. According to the indictment he raped a woman on 27 September in a parking garage in the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm.
There are some 40,000 Somali settlers in Sweden. And that’s just the beginning.

Here some of the Somali Muslim settlers are demanding free stuff.
Only a truly sick, Jewified society would consider their own indigenous citizens to be less valuable than filthy Somali scum. :mad:

Ebola-Infected WHO Worker Being Flown to Hamburg, Germany

July 29th, 2014
+++ Der Deutschland-Ticker +++: Kuhherde tötet deutsche Wanderin in Tirol - Deutschland Ticker - FOCUS Online - Nachrichten



Ebola patient could be treated in Hamburg

10.30 Clock: Hamburg - An Ebola patient from West Africa could possibly be treated in Hamburg. As a spokeswoman for the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf confirmed, the World Health Organization have asked if we could take care of an infected employee. It had then "activates the Hamburg epidemic rod and explained in consultation with all relevant authorities and public institutions, our willingness in principle to accept the patient and treat." Safety precautions are is high that there was no reason for concern for employees and the public. According to information of the "Hamburger Evening Gazette" there should be a "major medical", which had been moved in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone lot.
It's so wonderful to see Europe being culturally enriched with deadly viruses from Africa, isn't it? :mad:

Doctor Who Contracted Ebola in Grave Condition

July 29th, 2014
Doctor Who Contracted Ebola in Grave Condition

July 27, 2014

FORT WORTH, Texas — Jul 28, 2014Kent Brantly always wanted to be a medical missionary, and he took the work seriously, spending months treating a steady stream of patients with Ebola in Liberia.

Now Brantly is himself a patient, fighting for his own survival in an isolation unit on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, after contracting the deadly disease.

The Texas-trained doctor says he is "terrified" of the disease progressing further, according to Dr. David Mcray, the director of maternal-child health at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where Brantly completed a four-year residency.

"I'm praying fervently that God will help me survive this disease," Brantly said in an email Monday to Mcray. He also asked that prayers be extended for Nancy Writebol, an American co-worker who also has fallen ill.


Why do the elite rush to "save" Africa?? It always comes back to bite us. They just don't get the fact that "civilization" is completely alien to Africa.

Go ahead. Jump off the cliff.