54 arrests at Austrian far-right ball demo

January 31st, 2015
54 arrests at Austrian far-right ball demo - Yahoo News

Vienna (AFP) - Police arrested 54 people after violence broke out as thousands protested against a ball organised by far-right groups and politicians in the Austrian capital of Vienna, local media reports said on Saturday.

Six policemen also suffered minor injuries at the protests that took place on Friday.

Must be Antifa:rolleyes:

Italy’s lawmakers elect Sergio Mattarella as president

January 31st, 2015
Italy's lawmakers elect Sergio Mattarella as president - StamfordAdvocate

ROME (AP) — Sergio Mattarella, a Constitutional Court justice widely considered to be above the political fray, was elected Saturday as Italy's president in the third day of balloting by lawmakers.

He quickly set as priorities attention to his country's moribund economy and the need for unity in Europe's fight against a "new season of terror."

CHP deputy elected as head of Council of Europe committee

January 31st, 2015

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Ankara deputy Gülsün Bilgehan, has been elected as Chairperson of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, becoming the first Turkish politician ever to be selected to the top post for a second time.

Turk woman :rolleyes:

Germany: Anti-Islam Protest Fails in Frankfurt as Opponents Rally

January 31st, 2015
Anti-Islam Protest Fails in Frankfurt as Opponents Rally - Bloomberg Business

(Bloomberg) -- Germany’s Pegida movement against the Islamization of Europe abandoned a protest last night after 100 of its supporters faced counterdemonstrations of 16,500 people in Frankfurt, the nation’s financial capital.

Not sure if this is true but not a good sign.

Another related article Rock Concert, Rallies Overwhelm Germany's Anti-Islam Group - Business Insider

William Dudley Pelly — proof that Americans will not rally en masse even to the most heroic, charismatic and energetic political leader

January 31st, 2015

The Jew juggernaut is just too powerful. (Other examples: Ford, Lindbergh…) What the Jews and Muslims have is a true cult. And they are kicking our ass. As the poet Keats said, paraphrasing, “the worst are full of clamor and the best lack all resolve.” The fanatics rise to the top, and elbow aside the […]

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Massive fire destroys historical library (Holocaust documents?) in Russia

January 31st, 2015

One of Russia's largest academic libraries, which contains millions of unique historic documents, has gone up in flames in Moscow. A part of the building’s roof collapsed before dozens of fire fighters managed to contain the blaze.

With 49,000 readers and 330 employees, INION is the largest research center in Russia in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Its collection consists of 14.2 million texts in both ancient and modern European and Asian languages, including rare 400-year-old editions. What’s more, it has one of the biggest collections of books in Slavic languages in the country.

Τhe Revolution Is Over ! Varoufakis (new Greek finance Minister): “We shall continue the privatizations”.

January 31st, 2015
Golden Dawn | ?he Revolution Is Over ! Varoufakis: ?We shall continue the privatizations?

The so-called Radical Left seems weak against Troika and the IMF. ;)
Only Golden Dawn has the will to oppose Global Tyrants.

Austria: Demonstration outside palace ball in Vienna

January 31st, 2015

As elegant couples waltzed under crystal chandeliers at a lavish ball in the Austrian capital on Friday, police outside detained dozens of demonstrators demanding an end to the black-tie event, which the protesters say attracts far-right support from across Europe. At least two people were injured.

Police estimated the number of protesters at about 5,000 people. Isolated scuffles broke out between protesters and helmeted officers in riot gear, and riot dogs were used in at least one instance to disperse demonstrators.

A police spokesman Johann Golob said one officer was wounded by fireworks and at least one protester was also injured.
Dozens detained during demonstration outside palace ball in Vienna | World news | The Guardian

Vladimir Putin gives important Crimea bridge contract to Jewish oligarch/buddy

January 31st, 2015
BBC News - Ukraine conflict: Putin ally to build bridge to Crimea


A Russian contract for building a bridge to Crimea has gone to a company majority-owned by a friend of Vladimir Putin who is under Western sanctions. The $3bn (£2bn) contract was awarded to the SGM Group, owned by Arkady Rotenberg, a childhood friend and judo partner of the Russian president.


According to the US Treasury, Arkady Rotenberg and his brother Boris provided "support to Putin's pet projects" by receiving and executing approximately $7bn (£4.7bn) of contracts for the Sochi Olympic Games and state-controlled energy giant Gazprom, through which their personal wealth increased by $2.5bn (£1.6bn).
The brothers deny getting help from the Russian leader for their businesses.
Corruption in Russia is as strong as it's ever been, and it usually involves Putin and his crooked friends, many of whom are Jewish, like the above swine who is stealing billions of dollars of Russian taxpayer money. As if invading parts of Ukraine isn't enough, they bring in their filth and corruption as well.

“US mulls in adding new race to census”

January 31st, 2015
US mulls Middle East-North Africa category for 2020 census - AOL.com

This could get interesting. There are some (not many) Whites that still live and are from the Middle East.